Procedure 1.  Installing LINE syscall redirector

The syscall redirector from LINE project is required by Umlwin32

  1. Download the latest version of LINE from here and untar it into a temporary directory under the cygwin bash shell.

  2. Do a make under line-0.5/src directory

  3. Enter the directory line-0.5/src/int80 and execute the script install.bat and verify that it succeeds.

    This is a one time installation, and stays put across reboot. You can uninstall int80.sys by running remove.bat under the same directory.

    You can now proceed to build and run umlwin32

Procedure 2.  Building Umlwin32

  1. Start off by running the bash shell that comes with cygwin

  2. Assume you are going to install the sources at /foo. /foo should not be a very long path since cygwin bash has limitations on the command-line length, if you install this under a deep path the make might fail. If /foo == /usr/src you should be fine

  3. cd to /foo and do tar zxfv <path to linux-2.14.18.tar.gz>

  4. mv linux umlwin3

  5. cd umlwin32

  6. bzip2 -dc <path to uml patch> | patch -p1

  7. bzip2 -dc <path to umlwin32 patch> | patch -p1

  8. make menuconfig ARCH=um

  9. Accept defaults, save and exit the config

  10. make dep ARCH=um

  11. make linux ARCH=um

  12. If everything succeeded, you will see the binary 'linux.exe' in the current directory.

    Download and unzip the root-fs corresponding to the umlwin32 release that was downloaded.

    Run linux as ./linux.exe ubd0=<path to root-fs>